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Asia Liaison – Yukako Ogawa

1291_496813390394582_674986404_nEast Asia Liaison

Originally from near Tokyo in Japan, Yukako graduated from the University of California, to work as broadcast journalist, working for Kyodo News in their Los Angeles bureau.

Following that she worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines, before moving into the maritime world as a crew member on large mega yachts cruising worldwide.

Now working shore side, Yukako acts as a liaison officer for many of the businesses operated by The Someya Group Limited, especially in Japan, and serves as Country Manager in Japan for SGRM.

Yukako competes at high levels in international swimming, and is an accomplished “Taiko” drummer & player of traditional Japanese instruments.

She regularly travels between Tokyo, Japan and the Florida, United States.

Yukako can be contacted at


T: +1 954 727 5354

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