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SGRM provides substantial coverage for high level professionals travelling the globe.Protection in case of accident (during leisure or business), medical expenses, contingent liabilities, travel delays, evacuation, unprovoked assault, hijack and  kidnap ransom benefits.


Often known as Key Person insurance, Business Protection now encompasses more fields. As well as protection in the event of a death or critical illness of a key member of your company, we also provide Loan Protection, Share Protection and Relevant Life Plans, all tailored to fit your business profile. SGRM will assist and advise you in avoiding a severe financial impact, increased workloads and ultimately a disastrous business situation.


SGRM Financial Services division is staffed by professionals with a vision to serve their clients by providing comprehensive financial strategies with an uncompromising ethical standard and commitment to integrity.

We work with partner companies to continually implement best practices and technology solutions to ensure the best for our clients and also by providing unmatched products and services in fixed insurance, investment management, securities and charitable giving, we maintain an unwavering commitment to client relationships.

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