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azure logoSGRM is especially experienced in Maritime Crew Insurance. For this we have developed our own Crew insurance plan AZURE.

AZURE is the only logical choice for employee benefits all around the world, whatever the nationality, fiscal residence, vessel flag and employer location.

  AZURE provides coverage for seafarers in yachting, cruising, offshore, shipping industry and expatriates or shore based personnel.
  AZURE proposes a variety of benefits.
  AZURE products are designed to meet your needs with the flexibility to still choose your own plans.
  Contact us to find out more and switch you fleet or your workforce today.

SGRM brokers have worked onboard, both in the cruise ship and super yacht industries, which means that they understand the hazards of life onboard and the insurance coverage best suited to alleviate the risks.
We provide expert advice regarding insurance plans for all aspects of maritime risk management, including.

  Yachts – Crew Health Policies
  Cruise Ships – Large Group Staff Health Policies
  Commercial Cargo Ships – Crew Health Policies
  Shore Based Maritime Support Companies – Health Policies


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