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azure logoSGRM – introduces “AZURE” – a superior yacht crew health insurance product that is radically changing the crew benefits structure worldwide.

SGRM – International Insurance Brokers has introduced a brand new medical benefit insurance plan for yacht crew; a plan that Owners, Managers, Captains and Crew have been waiting for; a crew insurance plan for the next decade and beyond. AZURE’s popularity among yachts and management teams has spread to Europe, where the benefits and savings are being quickly realized.

AZURE now supersedes all the current stagnated and worthless yacht crew health policies on the market. After 12 years of no real change in yacht crew health insurance, the AZURE plan offers a lot more for a lot less and brings yacht crew benefits into the next decade. Coupled with the service teams that SGRM has put together, yacht crew are never without a reassuring friend at the end of the phone line.

This plan in its various forms has over 1.5 million current beneficiaries worldwide within the expat, employee and marine sectors, so it is a proven product. Of this number, a quarter of a million are maritime workers in the cruise, shipping, offshore oil & gas industries. Working with Yacht Managers, Owners and Captains, SGRM in association with WYCC Luxembourg, has stripped the plan down and built AZURE purely for yacht crew and produced the best yacht crew policy that has ever been on the insurance market

  Proven product with 1.5 million beneficiaries worldwide


  US coverage – 4,700 hospitals & 724,000 healthcare professionals

  More benefits for group plans and families (crew dependents)

  No pre-existing condition limitations

  Easy management for Captains & Managers with a full web management platform

  We work seamlessly wit insurance companies & agents to get this superior benefit out to their fleets

  We have developed “The French Pack” fully compliant solution with the social security chapter of MLC implemented by new French Social Security Laws

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